HIIT 360

HIIT 360 is a high intensity exercise class that involves both bodyweight and resistance based movements and is for all fitness levels.

Bored of just doing steady state cardio and not seeing any results?


Interval training has been proven to be an effective way to burn body fat.

When is the class?

Tuesday Evenings 19:20 - 20:00


Where is the class?


The Hatherley Village hall


How much is the class?


HIIT 360 is £6.50 pay as you train. There is parking outside of the hall and also off road parking nearby.

If you are looking for an exercise class that is friendly but effective then HIIT 360 is for you. We have an array of fitness levels at the class so whether you are super fit or just starting out, it makes no difference as each class is adjusted to your personal level.

You are more than welcome to come along and give it a go with no obligation to continue if you decide that it is not for you. 

You can book on via facebook at ASC Personal Training or simply contact H on: 07824 644170 to book your slot.