Deadlifts aren't just for men!!!!!

The 'Deadlift' is one of the very best exercises you can do as it's designed to strengthen the vulnerable area - the lower back, also known as the lumbar region.

It's one of the big compound moves and quite honestly should be in everybody's fitness plan.

The reason that it is often excluded is that most people don't know how to perform this move correctly and safely; therefore i'm going to list the key points to a safe and effective deadlift. Ladies, this move is NOT just for men and can be carried out using the following: kettlebells, dumbbells or barbells. The benefits really are second to none; you will virtually use every muscle in your body (if you use a challenging weight). It's about building strength in the lower back, hamstrings, stabilizing/core muscles and glutes.

*Stand with your feet under the bar (approx hip width but mainly what is comfortable).

*The bar should travel in a straight line upwards.

*Take a firm grip on the bar with one hand in a reverse grip (supinated or palms away from you) with your hands an equal distance apart and wider than shoulder width.

*The most important part is to make sure that at all times your back is straight or even better arched backwards- NEVER forwards (if you keep your chest high this will help).

*You need to get nice and low; drive through your heels and as the bar approaches knee level start to lift with the lower back until you are upright and the bar against your quads/thighs. At this point, lift your chest upwards again to create a bigger arch in your back which will activate the correct muscle and you should then feel the lower back muscles working. Squeeze the glutes for a better contraction then tilt forward with your hips and as you approach knee level, bend your knees and control the bar to the start position on the floor.


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