Is Sugar the culprit for obesity!!

There is so much in the news these days about sugar being the devil and it’s solely responsible for the ‘obesity epidemic’🤔 They’ve put the legal age to buy energy drinks up to 18; I’m not saying this is a bad idea but in regards to weight gain it’s pretty pointless in my opinion. Let me explain. Have you got a friend that seems to eat chocolate and sweets all the time but are slim? If sugar directly made you fat then we’d all be overweight wouldn’t we? “But my insulin sensitivity is poor” Yes, this does exist and people can have poor insulin sensitivity; meaning your body doesn’t respond well to insulin spikes. Yes, sugar does this, but your diet over the years has created this- the good news is, this can be reversed simply by improving your diet! So back to the friend who eats lots of sweets and sugary treats but is slim. I’m not saying that because they are slim they are healthy on the inside..they won’t be if they eat a lot of sugar but the reason they don’t gain weight as such is simply and purely because their overall calorie consumption will more than likely be quite low or certainly no more than a maintenance amount. So what’s my point? No single food source or specific macronutrient ie Carbs, Proteins and Fat makes you gain weight and certainly doesn’t get you fat! It’s your overall calorie intake and lack of exercise that makes you gain weight. Stop looking to lay the blame elsewhere! Take responsibility for this, simply work out your maintenance level of calories; create a slight calorie deficit; try to up your protein intake and add in some exercise (ideally resistant based) and the body will be forced to adapt!! Happy fat losing👍🏻 ASC 

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