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Level 3 Elite Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Coach

B.A.T.I Neurotyping 'The Founding Principles'

Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor

Level 2 Circuits Instructor

1st Aid Qualified

REPS Affiliated




Hi, I'm Anthony. I am a fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach based in Cheltenham. My passion is not only to train people and help them to make worthwhile changes in their lives; but also to educate them to feel confident and comfortable with their exercise techniques. Many people find entering a gym to be daunting which is often due to a lack of knowledge in either how to use the equipment, or about which equipment to use in order to achieve your goal.


I'll begin with a little bit more about me.

Previously, I was an AASI qualified snowboard instructor hence my love of both teaching, and supporting others in learning a new technique. My interest in sport has led me to represent the County in both Cricket and Football. I am also a qualified FA Youth Team football coach.


Following my own competitive sports injury, I became determined to find a way of strengthening problematic areas which, quite honestly, were affecting my life. Despite back then being unable to walk for no more than 10 minutes without lower back ache, I am now able to walk and run without any re-occurrence. This was rectified by simply targeting underdeveloped muscles which created an imbalance in my physique.

This led me to become a fully qualified Level 3 Elite Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. My most recent qualification, and perhaps the most interesting, is in Neurotyping which is what makes me different from most other Personal Trainers. 

You can’t get more personal than someone’s neurology. Your neurotransmitter balance is what makes you 'you' and determines why you make the decisions you do, including why you react to a certain situation differently to your spouse/sibling or friends. We are all governed by our neurotransmitter dominance which in a nutshell can then be used to determine what type of training you would benefit more from both physically and psychologically.

It’s my belief that this should be a key element to someone’s training regime regardless of whether you’re looking to get stronger, fitter, leaner or just after the general health benefits proven to come with resistance based training.

I also think this can be transferred into diet and supplementation.


Ever found yourself unable to stick to a specific ‘diet’ even though everyone is saying they lost this and that following that plan? well this will be down to your neurotransmitter dominance as well as your hormonal balance.

Our modern day lifestyle has created these hormonal balances mainly via ingredients in our foods and in turn this has somewhat affected peoples neurology dominance too!

The key element which will make me stand out from others is my experience, enthusiasm, dedication and personal approach to you and your goals with a unique training method that will maximise your potential like no other. 

If you're interested in training in the most efficient way possible to reach your goals then please get in touch.


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                                     "THE BODY ACHIEVE's WHAT THE MIND BELIEVES"