You won't see me in a big commercial gym with hundreds of fancy machines, bright lights and a mirror everywhere you look!

All my training is in my own small private studio gym which is half indoors and half outdoors, you will get used to using a varied range of functional equipment that will guide you to YOUR goals without being overlooked by others.


I offer varied options depending on how you like to train, including 1-2-1 Personal Training, 2-1 training sessions, exercise classes, sport specific training, team fitness sessions and more. Everybody is different and so I cater for that fact.

No one session is the same unless we are specifically working on an injury, this is to make sure we consistently keep the body guessing which in turn keeps the body adapting and so avoiding plateaus plus it makes it way more interesting.


All sessions will cover:

Movement analysis - This is to check your current movement patterns and to pin point any imbalances in muscles and structure.

Flexibility - This is to make sure that specific muscles aren't tight and affecting your movement.

Mobility - This is to make sure specific joints and muscles are moving how they should (Posture)

Muscle activation - This is to check specific muscles are activating when they should as this can lead to numerous issues.

Spine stability - This is to make sure we learn to engage the core muscles in everything we do (Protecting the spine).

Strength work -  This is to build strength within the muscles, ligaments, tendons as these support the joints.

Muscle hypertrophy work - This is to target a muscle and to stimulate the muscle to grow thus changing your body's shape.

Conditioning - This is to improve your overall fitness levels with an emphasis on fat loss which improves body composition.


Please look further around the website to see my qualifications and history of personal training, as well as some of my clients who have been kind enough to leave a review. 

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If any of the above is what you are looking for then please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you are after and possibly organise a Free Consultation as mentioned on my opening page.

What I Offer as a Personal Trainer:




These are generally 1-2-1 sessions, but can be paired if this is your preference. All sessions will be personally devised according to your individual needs. You don't need to have exercised before or even know any exercises.You will be taught an exercise, what it works, how it works and the correct technique to maximise results and all in the comfort of a private gym facility.





These fitness sessions are designed more at sports teams that want to improve their teams fitness pre-season and throughout. Plans will be devised with a focus on building lean muscle improving each individuals cardiovascular fitness and burning body fat with a combination of resistance and interval training. Ladies you WON'T get big even though you're building muscle.





If you are looking to increase overall strength or wanting to specifically target a body part or weakness through an injury then look no further. These strength programmes will be designed through a combination of compound moves, isolation exercises and progressive overload in the form of micro, meso and macrocycles plus lots of other variations which will lead to the end goal.







Businesses looking to offer sessions to their employees, whether it be during lunch hours or after work hours. This is perfect for some stress release and staff bonding or just for individuals that want the gym to come to them.I am currently training many GE Aviation and LLOYDS TSB staff members as they offer a great fitness scheme for all their employees.


CORE- Thursdays 19:20 - 20:00 - Hatherley Village Hall.
HIIT 360 - Tuesdays 19:20 - 20:00 - Hatherley Village Hall.