"I am the oldest member of the kettleblast class but find I am quite able to cope with the exercises.I really enjoy the session and feel that it is a really good workout.It is really invigorating and each week I am getting the hang of techniques.I look forward to having a really trim body and good level of fitness.It is also great fun exercising with a nice group of people as everyone is very friendly and welcoming."

Lynn, Abbeymead



"Joining the KettleBlast class was easy and was such a massive boost to my confidence. Suitable for beginners or people who are familiar with exercising with Kettlebells and a super teaching technique that will suit anyone. Ant is a wonderful trainer who has a great ability to make you feel welcome and able. The classes are friendly and are perfect if you are looking for something dynamic and different to boost your fitness. Cannot recommend highly enough!"

Becky, Cheltenham



"Having plateaued with my existing mix of online/personal training programmes I went to Ant for something new with my muscle and strength training.He sent me a detailed and thoroughly explained programme that was really impressive. The balance of exercises for each body part was really refreshing and I have started looking forward to the inevitable DOMS his workouts incur!
In addition to his workout being effective in pushing me hard, I have noticed increases across the board in my strength. Where previously I would struggle to keep up a productive workout after a heavy set on a compound movement, Ant's programme is tailored to keep you moving forward with the variety of exercises and rep ranges.
Very impressed and looking forward to my next phase of training which I'll soon be asking his advice with."

Nick, London


"Having completed 8 weeks of personal training with Ant, the improvement in both my strength and conditioning has been remarkable. His enthusiasm drives you to the next level, enabling you to achieve things you never thought you were capable of before. His structured and tailor made programs allow you to continually improve, enabling you to achieve and exceed your goal(s). A highly recommended personal trainer for anyone looking to get active!"

Dan, Cheltenham



"Having never picked up a kettlebell before, I was a bit nervous about going to KettleBlast. However, the class is very friendly and inclusive, not in the least bit intimidating and Ant takes you through all the exercises to make sure you're doing them properly. I know I'm getting stronger already because I am able to do more reps of the exercises I initially found really hard. Now considering buying my own kettlebell to do more at home and I never thought I'd enjoy it that much!"

Fran, Cheltenham



"I have had 2 sessions with Ant and he has greatly helped with my form on Deadlifts, Bench pressing and squatting. It is nice to have someone who knows what he is on about helping and showing me where I was going wrong. He explains why you are doing something as well as showing you the best way of doing it. Highly recommended! Thanks Ant!"

James, Gloucester



"This was the first time I've used a personal trainer. Ant was excellent, he provided a structured program tailored to my needs. I feel confident now attending the gym and using a range of equipment. I've seen great results and cannot thank Ant enough. I highly recommend ASC Personal Training."

Simon, Cheltenham



"I decided it was time to try and lose a few pounds and so started with trying Ant's Kettleblast class.....it was hard work but was a friendly class,I've now been going to this class since January and also go to his other class Abblast.

I have now lost 1st 1lb and finally found something that I enjoyed doing, even though its the toughest thing I've ever done" I've now started PT with Ant as well!!!!!:)

Gemma, Cheltenham