Losing Weight 'The Right Way'

Losing 'Scales' weight isn't as complicated as it may seem, it's as simple as working out your current weight, then working out how many calories you burn doing your daily chores to maintain that weight and simply eating less than that amount. Doing this though will not neccessarily make you look better visually, this is because the body is designed to store fat, so it will initailly eat into your muscles stores and as muscle weighs more than fat the scales come down (Ever lost some weight and felt you have a fair bit of loose skin around certain areas) this is why.

This is why 'Resistance Training' is absolutely 'Key' to getting in shape. Most of us exercise to feel fitter and visually look better, we don't train to be a bodybuilder or fitness model, though if that physique came easy i'm sure we wouldn't moan:) ;however muscle IS what makes you look 'Toned' or how I prefer to call it 'Lean'. You don't add muscle with cardio (that improves your heart health which is great but it won't get most people looking how they want to, this isn't my opinion, it's science). Resistance training in various forms adds muscle, by adding some muscle to your frame, your body has to work harder to maintain that muscle which in turn makes your body burn more calories even just sitting down on your sofa or at your desk at work. After a challenging weight training session your heart rate will be noticeably higher for possibly 3-4 hours which is ultimately burning more and more calories of 'Fat' as your body tries to replenish your glycogen stores and heal the damaged muscle fibres.


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