Damage Limitation at Christmas

So Christmas is fast approaching and if you are anything like me then you can't wait.

I love this time of the year (except the weather), it's a great chance to spend more time with your family and friends plus you get to eat with freedom as 'It's Christmas'.

Eating a big Christmas dinner and drinking a fair few alcoholic beverages is not going to affect your fitness goals; however if you eat and drink like that for the whole of December...IT WILL!

How to combat the over eating?

You make sure you don't get sloppy with your exercise, personally I try to up my exercise regime, mainly based around walking, most of us have more time off so there is no real excuse to not add in some walks to help your body deal with all the extra calories you're consuming.

The absolutely worst thing you can do which unfortunately is very common around this time of year is to stop your exercise, ok so you have some Christmas parties to go to, you've got to travel to see your family, it's cold and dark outside, ask yourself 'Does that take up the 16 hours of the day you are awake for....I doubt it.

You've worked hard all year to stay healthy, whether you've paid a gym membership or spent money on a Personal Trainer, coach or have been going to fitness classes, don't throw some of that effort and money away by just making excuses because it's Christmas.

4 weeks of bad eating and you may need to lose anything from 3-10lbs of weight in January just to get back to were you were at the end of November...........it takes a lot longer to lose weight than it does to gain and this is the vicious cycle people get into and over the years they gradually gain more and more weight as it just becomes harder and harder to stay motivated.

If you don't exercise this is the best time to start, don't wait until January and be one of the hundreds of thousands that join a gym in January and then don't go from February on and are just throwing there hard earned money down the drain!

Go for that walk, get to that fitness class, your future self with thank you for it!

Have a great Christmas people.


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