Spot Reduction

What is Spot Reduction?

Spot reduction is when you want to burn body fat from a specific area on the body ie stomach.

For a long time now it's been thought that this just isn't possible; however this has now been proven from a study that actually it CAN be done but has to be done in a specific way!!

Welcome to the 'Golden Highway' which for most was thought to not exist........

It's all about blood flow and 'Spot lipolysis'.

This doesn't mean you can eat rubbish, sit on your sofa and be sedentary!!!

This is for the active human being.

Here's how:

You need to contract the abdominal muscle by whichever exercise you feel a contraction the most for as many reps in approx 45-60 seconds then follow it up immediately with a high intensity exercise, things like tyre flipping, battleropes, sled push/pulls, Farmers walks, bike sprints and alternate non stop for 10-15minutes.

This is basically getting your body to utilise the fat stores in the abdominal area for fuel to get you through the intensity parts.

It's that simple................give it a go with a decent nutrition plan and see the fat melt away.....Happy Days


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