Food Glorious Food


This is all we hear about in the health and fitness news at the minute and it drives me mad!

Why you ask, when my work is about health and fitness?

Because like how people used to treat Carbohydrates as the devil, sugar is now the scapegoat for what really is just the pure lack of exercise, right type of exercise and just plain and simple over eating.

If sugar directly made humans fat we would all be fat, which we aren't; however if we all ate over our maintenance level of calories everyday (especially without any exercise) we 'would' all be fat so does that not tell you what you need to do in regards to fat loss, lowering your chances of diabetes and to be generally healthier?

When you get programs on television with there apparent doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts making ridiculous claims that we need to scrap the idea of counting calories because our great great grandmothers didn't count their calories and they weren't obese is when you know there is a problem within society when it comes to nutrition and health.

Stop blaming foods, start being more active and pay attention to your overall calorie intake over the course of each week and you 'WILL' lose weight, keep diabetes at bay and be a much healthier human only have one body and one life to live!


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