Nutrition and Exercise

We all know we should exercise more to keep your heart, joints and mind healthy; however were most go wrong is the nutrition side.

If you do high intensity exercise 3 times a week or more whether its cardio, weights or a combination, then you're on the right path to getting a better body.

Going to the gym just to tick the box to say you've been and going through the motions on random machines then walking out of the gym without a drop of sweat, feeling like you could do it all again IS NOT going to have the desired effect and is NOT the same as the above.

Which of the above is you?

Your body is a huge insight into your lifestyle and more importantly your Nutrition/Diet.

If you are exercising 2 times a week or less, don't get me wrong that's still good for you but you really need to be focusing on your calorie intake for you to see changes.It's no good guessing how much you've eaten as most people would not have any idea of the calorie content in foods they're consuming and this is exactly how you put on weight!

My advice is to track your food, the best and easiest way to do this is to download a FREE app called 'MyfitnessPal' onto your smart phone, it's so simple to set up and it will teach you very quickly how to monitor your calorie intake and learn about the different foods (good and bad) that you are currently consuming within your diet.

Just for the record I have no affiliation with the above app I just think it's a fantastic app to help you learn more about certain foods and open your eyes to the world of nutrition.


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