Stomach Fat....Don't Believe The Hype

This subject drives me crazy!

Most people these days are on social media particularly YouTube and Instagram. I am also on Instagram and do post videos and photos of all sorts fitness based, if you want to have a look I'm ASCPERSONALTRAINING1.

I am sick and tired of seeing apparent fitness enthusiasts who try to sell either products or specific training plans that target 'Stomach fat'.

THIS ISN'T PHYSIOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE.....You can't tell your body to burn fat from a specific area also known as 'Spot Reduction'. Genetics generally rule this so some of us are fortunate to lose fat first from the stomach and others lose weight off their face and other areas first.

Don't be tempted by false advertising of products that supposedly do this or particularly 'You Tube Celebrities' who aren't even qualified in training or nutrition trying to make money from video views, if it advertises itself with 'How to burn Stomach fat' don't let them make money on something that's 'absolute rubbish' DON'T click on it!

We all have abs but to see them you need to have a fairly low body fat percentage.

Abs will be revealed through what you do in the kitchen!!

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