Online Plans by apparent fitness professionals.

I'm writing about this topic as there are numerous amounts of apparent 'fitness professionals' out there on social media, particularly Instagram, trying to sell you online training and nutrition plans.

My concern is that a whole host of them are not qualified in any way to devise you these plans.

Does every top level football player make a good coach? The answer of course is NO.

Just because you have a good physique or have lost some weight in the past DOESN'T mean you know how to organise well balanced training and nutritional plans for others!

Let's be honest, most of these people have been photo-shopped and if you use the FFMI calculator (Fat Free Mass Index), a lot of them are well beyond what is physiologically possible without using performance enhancers.

If you actually research this, you will find that most of the guys and girls we're talking about here are bigger, leaner and have an FFMI reading higher than bodybuilders of the 70's and 80's who admitted later down the line that they were on steroids. Yes training has become more advanced over the years but not that much where this would be the case.

The bottom line is that it is false advertisement as you will have ZERO chance of looking like them by following their plans.


Find a legitimate qualified personal trainer or coach who isn't trying to tell you that you will look like them but offer their expertise on training and nutrition.

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