Weights and Women

This subject I have touched upon before on my website but I'd like to just make the point again.

Weight/resistance training will NOT make you ladies bulky and masculine looking.

Performance enhancing drugs COULD but protein shakes, a healthy diet and some proper designed weight training will just help you carve out a much better physique.

To get the shape you probably want you NEED to be doing some form of resistance training with a challenging enough weight, swinging a 2kg kettlebell around doesn't cut it I'm afraid.

Doing 1 set of 10 rep squats will also NOT shape your glutes or legs; the legs are the biggest muscle group in your body so it takes a lot of work to really push them enough to get them to change (I'm sure you've heard of 'leg day'), it's by far the most taxing day if you train by body parts due to your body having to work extremely hard to pump enough blood down to them to allow you to keep going to get the desired change.

Your program should consist of the following compound exercises to maximise muscle growth and fat burn:


Back Squats

Military Press

Bench Press (You won't suddenly grow pecs, but the bench press is a great compound exercise that works far more than just your chest, it works your triceps, front deltoids, core muscles, back muscles and also even your quads if you maintain a strong position on the bench).

You should then follow up with some auxillary work dependant on your training format i.e. all body sessions or body parts on different days.

Don't be afraid to enter the free weights section of your gym; you have as much right to be there as the guys that are growling, dropping their weights and just being complete idiots!

Happy Training

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