Devon Physique....The Aftermath

I wrote a blog a week or two ago about "Apparant fitness professionals" particularly on Instagram selling you training and nutrition plans when they have no qualifications to do this.

Well.....last week as a lot of you may already know, a guy called Devon Physique came out on You tube and said that he photo shopped most of his Instagram posts to the extent of adding fake mass to his legs and more definition to his abdominal area and even showed a side by side picture of this!

He is a sponsored athlete with a company called 'Shredz'....maybe not anymore now after this as his instagram account has gone and probably everything else which is what he deserves!

He too sold plans and had apparantly 1.2million followers (which I doubt is legitimate as well).We have also found out that he wasn't even writing these plans for his clients and in fact he paid someone else to write the plans...this is shocking to most but to be honest does not surprise me.

You have had 'You Tube' celebrities come out with videos attacking him and the company Shredz themselves which is absolutely deserved and I'm all for that; however these same guys are also selling online plans and supplements yet if you scroll through their website you won't find a page of any sort with their qualifications on, that rings alarm bells to me!!!

Don't be fooled by these money grabbing, con artists and if you're looking for some help with nutrition or want some detailed training plans then choose someone that has their qualifications on their website NOT just a picture of themselves topless or flexing!!

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