Online Coaching, Do Your Research.....

I've covered this topic before; however I see more and more of it happening everyday!

If you're looking for some help to ultimately get in shape via the internet then be very careful about who you choose to purchase both nutrition and training plans from.

There are thousands of "fitness people" out there, whether it be fitness models, sports company sponsored "athletes" or just your regular individual that likes to workout and is in good shape.

Do your research as just because they may be one of the above, it does NOT mean they are remotely qualified in writing individual nutrition and training plans to suit you, your goals or to fit into your day-day life.There are numerous websites were you can get FREE training plans that will be pretty much the same as what they are selling you (saving you ££££).

How to spot if they are qualified, it's simple....

Go onto their website, if they don't have a website avoid at all costs!

Go on their website, browse through, what you're looking for is a page about them and their history to get an insight into their experience and knowledge.

Ignore the sales rubbish such as OUT OF STOCK, why and how are you out of stock if it's an individual tailored plan?? do you think an individual can sit down and write 500+ individual training and nutrition plans every's nonsense.

Anyone that is qualified WILL have their qualifications on their site, You earn your qualifications so why wouldn't you show what you've worked hard for!!

Finally.... Make sure it's an appropriate qualification, a degree in biology has nothing to do with tailoring nutrition and training your £££'s move on and find someone that will do what they say they will.

"The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes"

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