Is He or She the right trainer for you?

I'm coming across more and more Personal Trainers who are offering 'Body Transformation' deals, claiming they are "Body Transformation Specialists"....there is, in fact, no such thing nor is there a reputable qualification for this title!

If someone is claiming this or even worse offering you a space on their 'Transformation Program' yet won't give you a price and instead plays the card of 'if you're not committed then this isn't for you' I'd personally stay well clear of this person or company.

They are simply trying to convince you with the title that they are somehow more experienced than your regular PT, which in most cases is probably the opposite.

I'm all for Vlogs; some are great and give you an good insight into how to plan meals, train and are entertaining but If they feel the need to swear or be horribly blunt in these Vlogs then let's be honest, they probably aren't very professional anyway.

A good PT, Coach or trainer doesn't need to false advertise or claim something they are not; their clients results and reviews are the best way to see if that's a possible trainer who could work for you!

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