It's the new year and everywhere you look there is a shop or someone trying to sell you the latest home gym piece of equipment that will give you toned abs and a firm butt.......seen ads like this?

It's all just a massive marketing ploy as they know that a lot of us are vulnerable at this time of year and we all want a quick fix to get us in shape for our summer holiday!

DON'T be tempted by these me, they don't work and you will have just wasted possibly £100's that will end up taking up space in either your garage or spare room (something sound familiar here?).

I've noticed my local Asda having Slimming world products right by the entrance at the moment- why?To entice you to buy this quite frankly unhealthy rubbish! Your best bet is to walk straight past it and instead head to the vegetables then some fresh meat which will be your protein source (protein builds muscle and our bodies don't produce protein, so we need to eat it) then head to find some slow releasing carbohydrates such as brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes. There is your balanced healthy meal with no additives, no acesulfame k plus you'll be fuller for longer and have more energy and won't need to snack on chocolate, crisps, cakes etc!

Companies like Slimming World and Weight Watchers prey on uneducated people when it comes to nutrition. YES, if you start one of these diet schemes you will more than likely lose some scales weight. Do you know someone that lost lots of weight through one of these companies? They may now look better in clothes but I guarantee they won't be happy in summer clothes; this is because you'll be on a calorie restricted diet and losing muscle mass NOT fat and the minute you come off the scheme all that weight and more will be back on in no time (there is a reason why fit and healthy people don't do these fad diets). At the end of it unfortunately you won't be any fitter, stronger or healthier and back at square's all about moderation and trying to be more active.

So think about what you really want and whether you want to commit to becoming a fitter and healthier person. If you struggle with motivation find yourself a 'GOOD' local Personal Trainer and s/he should also be able to give you more of an idea about 'PROPER' nutrition NOT send you on a fad diet!

Being fit and healthy is massively achievable for absolutely everyone whether you're older, heavier, suffer with illnesses, work long hours or anything else.

You need to make time and make small subtle changes as you go!!

Good luck in becoming 'The Better You'.

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